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(A)the strategy is a kind of plan giuseppe zanotti boots
The strategy is a kind of plan, mean that the business enterprise is handled various circumstance with various activity or a set of standard that each kind with meticulous care designs.The definition of strategy has two characteristicses:(1)Strategy is draw up before the business enterprise conducts an activity, strategy first at the activity;(2)The strategy giuseppe zanotti shoes is the plan with consciously and has a destination development and establishes.In the management realm of business enterprise, strategic plan with other plan different, it is concerning business enterprise farsighted development direction and the plan of scope, it applies time limit long, usually for more than a year.The strategy made sure the development direction(for example, make stronger a current position, develop a new product, expand field in Hsinshih or carry out diversified management etc.) and scope of business enterprise.(for example, profession, product or region etc.)The strategy involves the overall situation of business enterprise, is being a kind of is unified, comprehensive of, the integral whole turn of plan, its purpose carries out the basic target of business enterprise.For example, because the government has already put forward will be economic in the some city the rising region build house, a supermarket purchases a piece of land in the this place area neighborhood to used for developing a new store and brings business opportunities for it.The kind's strategy of the  giuseppe zanotti supermarket is a kind of plan.
(Two)the strategy is 1 kind to account to strive for
The strategy is 1 kind to account to strive for, mean the business enterprise wants in the competition to win a rival, or is placed in a disadvantageous position the rival and be threatenned of account to strive for.This kind of accounts to strive for is have preparation and have intention.For example, when the business enterprise knows that the rival is establishing one to plan to raise quota in the market, giuseppe for men the business enterprise should prepare to increase to invest to develop renewal, more sophisticated product and increase the competition ability of oneself thus.Therefore, the strategy is 1 kind to account to strive for, make of ability a threat to the rival.For example, giuseppe zanotti the real estate develops company A to announce a report through medium and call the government has already given use right in its land and allow it at develop company B constructs high apartment of the front of the house constructed, therefore development the apartment constructed by company A will enjoy the whole sea view view, while this is also its apartment of a sell well a point.The strategic purpose that develops company AN is the future that wants to disrupt to develop company B to develop a plan, 1 kind to account to strive for.
(Three)the strategy is a kind of mode
The strategy is a kind of mode, mean business enterprise a series activity of mode or behavior pattern, or is and the behavior of the business enterprise mutually consistent mode, namely the strategy should include behavior caused by plan."Is a series of to act" means that the business enterprise carries on for carrying out a basic purpose a competition, assign a resources and build up decisions like advantage,etc and performance activity.It is independence in planned of.The plan is the strategy with intention to diagram, while the mode then has been already carried out of strategy.Seeing from this angle, the strategy can classified into after cogitative strategy and meet an emergency strategy.At through cogitative strategy, previous intention can carry out;In the middle of meeting an emergency strategy, the development of mode has nothing to do with intenting.For example, some company from establish of the management methods all carried on group to turn management and passed to purchase a mature business enterprise and turned a hand to sell them to make a profit.The strategy of the company is a kind of mode.
(Four)the strategy is a kind of fixed position
The strategy is a kind of fixed position, mean business enterprise adoption what measure adapt to a place environment.Fixed position's including is more opposite than the market of other business enterprises to position, such as the production or the sale what type of product or service give particular section, or with what kind of the way satisfy the need of customer and market, how assign the internal resources is with the competitive advantage that keeps a business enterprise.The strategic fixed position view thinks that whether a thing belongs to strategy, is decided by it the time and circumstance of place.When the detail can decide success or failure, the detail becomes a strategic problem.The strategic problem is certain oneself is in the position in the market, and on these grounds exactitude allocation resources, thus formation can keep on of competitive advantage.Therefore, the strategy is the strength that moderates internal resources of business enterprise and environment in the exterior.For example, reached idea companies to pass to once round a traditional retail price outlet, adopted the way of E-business to carry on sale, become the first China on-line shopping company's city.giuseppe zanotti Reaching the strategy of idea company is a kind of fixed position.
(Five)the strategy is a kind of idea buy fashion online
Strategy is a kind of idea, mean to pass the strategy formation business enterprise common expectation, understanding and behavior.Seeing from this angle, the strategy not only only includes a decided fixed position, but also includes the deeply rooted understanding method that the feeling knows a world.This angle pointed out that the strategic idea passes personal expectation and behavior but formation share and becomes common business enterprise giuseppe zanotti expectation and behavior.This is a kind of concept-individual of collectivism to solidify through common thinking method or activity.For example, a paradise company that takes sorcery world as topic believes firmly:The sorcery world is harmless to the children's safety, therefore make the product that the parents believe that he/she sells also harmless to the children's healthy safety, purchase its product thus.The strategy of the paradise's company is a kind of idea.
Above-mentioned five kinds of definitionses reflected people from the explanation and understanding of different angle to strategic characteristic, their importance degree had no difference.Control these different definitions, contribute to to the completely comprehending of the strategy.

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